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Traditional wealth management offers solutions that are limited to the preservation of wealth and leaving a financial legacy only. We recognized that the creation and preservation of wealth requires a lot more than sound portfolio management and good estate planning…

Yep! Academy offers a comprehensive and efficient interactive learning and knowledge exchange experience for children of wealthy families. The different learning modules are conducted by ‘professionals’. They are carefully selected experts and practicioners in their field. Active learning is promoted through workshops and intellectual exchange with these ‘professionals’ on relevant issues in a safe and comfortable environment.
The Yep! Academy offers you a wide range of wealth management and successor-focussed topics. You will enhance your skill sets as well.

Our philosophy
We are focused to ensure that your family’s wealth is not a hindering, but liberating influence on your life. It is our challenge that harmony within the family is maintained and to help manage your wealth in a way that satisfies personal values and respects family traditions. A family like yours can successfully preserve wealth for at least four generations if the system of representative governance it creates and practices is founded on a set of shared values that express family’s ‘differentness’. Your family’s human, intellectual and financial capital should be employed in the most optimal way.
  Our mission
We know through our experience and knowledge of wealth management that the transfer of ‘maximum wealth’ does not guarantee wealth, or family harmony in the next generation. In fact, research has established that 70% of wealth transitions fail (defined as ‘involuntary loss of control of the assets).
   Clearly, important elements are missing from the current approach to estate planning, thus allowing this staggering failure rate to continue.
Our mission is to offer support to financially successful families overcome the largest unadressed risk they face; the 70% failure rate in estate transitions.
Family wealth is not self-perpetuating!
Without careful planning and stewardship, your hard-earned fortune can easily be dissipated within a generation or two.
This phenomenon of the fleeting family fortune is so well-recognized that it inspired a proverb:
‘Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations’
Vanishing wealth is not unique to the US. Varations of this proverb are found worldwide.
It is a classic three stage process which we strive to prevent together with you:
First, a period of creativity; second, a period of stasis or maintenance of the status quo; and third, a period of dissipation.
Ready to avoid this rag-to.riches-to-rags cycle? At least for your family?