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How and why?
We look forward to meet you and discuss Yep! Academy and what it might mean for you and your family in more detail. We offer solutions for the preservation of your family’s values and the creation or maintenance of your family’s legacy. This includes maintaining traditions, unveiling core values, and the development of a solid sense of your family’s human and intellectual capital, next to the preparation of your (grand)children for the responsibilities and privileges of wealth.. With your specific goals in mind, we schedule family meetings, set up a framework for discussions, design transition plans and provide a thorough estate/financial planning process..
Our main objective is to reach out to the younger generation and provide guidance at a critical life stage, thereby supporting you as (grand)parents in their education process.

The Yep! Academy aims to introduce you to all kind of wealth management issues and to the complexities and challenges you will most probably face once you will inherit your family’s wealth, or once you will get involved in your family’s business and once you will have your role and responsibility in shaping society.
We developed a special program for you which will be tailored to your family’s/parents and your own needs, where a wide variety of topics to your family’s business are covered. One can think of topics with regard to the management of a portfolio and wealth in general, asset allocation, risk management, investment strategies, family governance, estate planning, philanthropy, leadership, teambuilding, entrepreneurship.
Your skill sets will be strenghtened as you move to to the next phase of your development with the support and guidance of all kind of professionals we work with.
The programme is build up in three parts and therefore in line with the three focus area’s of Mont-Blanc wealth Management Services, namely your family, your business and your portfolio/investments.
The first part will focus on your personal objectives in life and to assess how these ambitions might fit in with your family and business and environment in general. The second and core part of the programme is an introduction to finance, the investment process, the importance of asset allocation and related topics. It will enable you to realise the challenges of the management of a portfolio. The final part will bridge the gap between finance and your ambitions threugh entrepreneurstories, venture capital and private equity. After the completion of the Yep! Academy you will be added to our alumni roster and you will be invited to future alumni events. These events will enable you to learn more about families in business and other topics of interest. Of course you will meet other participants and peers which is an excellent opportunity for you to gain new friendships and to establish a network which will be of benefit to you in the nearby future. You will be introduced to leading financial theories by our selected external ‘professionals’ whom combine profound theoretical expertise with broad practical experience. Whether your interest is in the management of a family business, the management of a portfolio, philanthropy, or in succession preparation; there will be plenty opportunities to direct your questions to our team of ‘professionals’. They wil support you to apply your newly-acquired knowledge and skills to help you in your future business decisions and other challenges you will face. We look forward to welcome you!