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For whom?
Yep! Academy is developed for wealthy families like yours, whom are interested in the preservation of and a succesfull transfer of wealth to your future generations. Get started!

For you as a parent whom is concerned about the impact of your family’s wealth on your heirs. Are your (grand)children well prepared for their responsibilities of wealth and/or have a role in your family’s business?
For those (grand)parents who are interested to learn what a relatively small number of families had in common, how they achieved and maintained family harmony and ensured the smooth transition of their wealth to well prepared heirs..
It is not for those (grand) parents whom neglect the wide range of factors that cause the majority of wealthy families to fail in their transition!
For you as a possible successor of your family’s wealth or member of a successful family business and steward of your family’s values, in the age of 18-30 and about to embark on your career, presently attending university or a similar education and is keen to acquire knowledge and insights on multi-levels of relevant topics. These topics differ from essential finance to holistic wealth management next to giving a boost to your personal development. You are expected to have an excellent command of English.