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Yep! stands for Young Entrepreneurial Successors and Professionals.
We believe that your family’s human and intellectual capital is just as important as your financial capital. The long term sustainability of your family’s wealth is dependent on all three elements.

Therefore you can consider the Yep! Academy as a seperate resource (next to the offering of Mont-Blanc Wealth Management AG with the primary focus on the management of your portfolio and related wealth management services) for your family to address and learn through the wealth transition process, which can be challenging and complex at times.

In our experience, wealth concerns and opportunities are often not discussed amongst families and friends, so with Yep! Academy we offer your family a forum for both financial education and wealth issues.
  Yep! Academy is developed to empower each of your family member’s confidence and competence in family and financial matters, strengthening your family’s human and intellectual capital in order to continue to grow and preserve your family’s wealth and sustain a flourishing family.

Yep! Academy is focused on tailored next generation education and the development and implementation of effective strategies for your family’s governance issues where a framework of optimal communication, decision making and planned succession is set up.